BCOGNITIVE is a disability services provider that specialises in Mental Health support services.

BCOGNITIVEensures that its participants are informed of and understand the difference between the provision of specialised support coordination and other reasonable and necessary support funded under a participant’s plan using the language, mode of communication and terms that participant is most likely to understand.

Although BCOGNITIVE does provide other support services, participants are only recommended and provided supports that are appropriate to their needs.

All BCOGNITIVE, especially staff involved in Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and Support Coordination, are required to provide participants truthful information about the:

Information provided to support participants’ decision making may include quotes, cost breakdowns for different support options, other people’s feedback about supports they’ve received and the risks and benefits of different supports.

BCOGNITIVE, iCOMMUNITY & Adelaide Virtual Reality Therapy have the same ABN, and are therefore owned by the same person. All tthree currently provide disability support services for plan & self-managed NDIS participants.

In the course of providing support coordination services, iCOMMUNITY & Adelaide Virtual Reality Therapy may be recommended to participants.

BCOGNITIVE is committed to making sure that participants are fully aware of this conflict of interest prior to the commencement of any service provision.

Importantly, should a participant choose to use another provider because of either of these conflicts of interest, BCOGNITIVE staff will respect their choice.

BCOGNITIVE has several strategies in place to negate and manage the effects of these conflicts of interest, which include but are not limited to:

It is intended that all conflicts of interest policies and procedures are reviewed annually by and reviews will include staff, participant, and stakeholder feedback.

This document will be made available online via BCOGNITIVE’s website for participants and public information.