Peer Supervision

Why peer supervision – Peer work in mental health is a specific practice approach that requires more than a lived experience of mental distress. Peer Work involves a balanced application of learned knowledge with both lived experience of mental anguish and recovery, coupled with the intellectual understanding of skilfully and through mindful practice, drawing on one’s own experiences to support the healing of others. Peer Supervision is a shared reflective practice process whereby a person with significant peer work experience and skills supports the peer worker to explore, develop and grow their peer work practice. 

One to One Peer Supervision

We offer one on one peer supervision over the phone, online, or face to face. We provide one-hour sessions for reflective practice supervision,  drawing on your strengths, skills, and experience to help you explore and grow your peer

Group Supervision

Group-based peer supervision is a fantastic team-building exercise that builds strong, collaborative practice cultures and enhances individual and team-based practice skills. Through group supervision, we will explore the strengths and skills of individuals and the team and draw on this to celebrate success and grow peer work values-based practise in your organization.