Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

If you have an NDIS plan, our psychosocial recovery coaches are experienced, qualified & compassionate professionals, who through both their lived experiences and training, can help you get the most out of it whilst you work towards your goals. Our range of Capacity Building and Core Support services (below) is offered in your home and the community.

Recovery Coach

Our experienced recovery coaches will help you understand your experiences of well-being and distress, map out the steps you want to take towards recovering, and then work with you to reach your goals and get the most out of your NDIS plan.


At BCOGNITIVE, all our Coaches have both personal lived experience & learned experience. This experience allows all our Coaches to use their knowledge of mental distress and their recovery journey to assist you better. We are passionate about what we do and will work with you on your journey.

Support Coordination

Our Support Coordinators help you get the most out of your NDIS plan. We focus on helping you to build your independence, find the right services and connect with the community in a way that meets your needs and

Innovative Community Participation

BCOGNITIVE’s Community Participation Program was purposely designed to support NDIS participants in building skills to participate in their community actively.  Through pioneering side-by-side practice, the program incorporates technology and Counsellors, Certified Mental Health Workers & Peer Mentor Practitioners to assist participants in expanding their opportunities for community participation and employment. 


Our Community Participation Practitioners adopt a capacity-building, community-based approach by working with participants in their local community to increase the likelihood of uptake and successful transition away from the service to informal supports and/or employment.

Community and Social Connection

Would you like to connect with others and grow your social circle? We can support you in meeting new people, trying new activities, and getting to know your local community. Our team members have a range of interests and skillsets to meet your interests and needs

Day to Day Needs

Do you need help with activities to meet your day-to-day needs? This can include exploring new food choices, managing weekly expenses, maintaining your physical well-being, helping with your home environment, or just having someone to talk with. Whatever it is, we are here to help.